Mrelia E.

“Last year, the fan on the condenser from our A/C died.  On the advice of my Father-In-Law, I removed it and took it in to Hamilton Electric. They not only sold me a replacement motor for a good price, they mounted the fan blade and helped me get the wiring sorted out so we'd be sure to hook it up right. I got fast, old-fashioned good service and we had no problems installing the new fan.”



William P.

“I had excellent service at Hamilton.  I walked in with my condenser fan motor that didn't seem to be working.  The gentleman behind the counter quickly tested it and the capacitor that I had brought and got me set up with a new (G.E. to boot) motor.  He put terminals on the wires and even cut down the shaft for me.  I was in and out inside of 15 minutes for much less than what refurbed off brand motors were listed at online at other places.”



Shawn C.

“Great old school shop. We need more of this kind of shop around. They can fix practically any electrical motor you bring them. Even rare and old.”



Mark B.

“Great staff offering friendly prompt service. I dropped off a old compressor motor in hopes they could still fix it. They did a great job and it's working perfectly!!”



Daniel B.

“I'm a plumber, I've always used Hamilton and always will. There is a reason they are busy and it’s cause they are the best. I'll wait to have it done right. And you can rush it for a price if you wish, as I do time to time.”



Roxy B.

“My sister told me about this place when the attic motor for the A/C went out. My husband brought the motor in to them and they had it fixed and all prettied up in a couple of hours. They were fast, friendly and knowledgeable; and the price was excellent! We really appreciated the work they did and how easy it was to get the repair done.”



Michael S.

“I have been using this company for over 30 years. These folk are as good as it gets in this industry. They have everything in motors…”


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